RWB Group is a community of financially free, fulfilled, happy entrepreneurs and investors. At the moment, the company is actively developing in the field of digital assets, making operations of buying and selling of these assets on the public cryptocurrency market.

The activity of RWB Group consists in management of financial assets and capitals on trust management model using all modern tools for gaining profit from value fluctuations of assets as well as diversification of risks. Raised funds from partners, clients and investors of the company are used for trading on financial markets and can not be used for other purposes. The volume of profit depends directly on the volume of trades and, consequently, the greater the capital under management, the greater the profit. All profits generated are distributed among the company's clients.

The head of the company has 3 years of experience in personal money management, more than 5 years in management of personal financial assets on cryptocurrency exchanges, and more than 7 years in the mlm sphere. Acquired skills, experience and knowledge gave the opportunity to build a team of professionals around me.

Thanks to the experience and skills gained, the company's president has a clear understanding in the selection and selection of staff as well as in the selection of trading strategies and managing traders. This gives the RWB Team a solid understanding of how to manage large amounts of capital, build, organize, and optimize all processes related to analysing financial situations, building working processes within the team, selecting professional traders and stock brokers to obtain the maximum results in trading on stock exchanges.

The chosen trading models for transactions are constantly optimizing based on the analysis of the financial and cryptocurrency markets, thus minimizing the risks of making loss-making transactions.

Key safeguards:

  • Publicly manual.
  • Offer Agreement.
  • Name and Reputation. More than 10 years experience in trading, business, investments.
  • Security. Protection of personal funds, no one but the client will be able to withdraw funds from the account.

At this stage, all funds raised are used for exchange transactions in the cryptocurrency market. By the end of 2021, a number of new instruments will be added which will provide a new opportunity for risk diversification, which will provide an additional opportunity to increase the safety of funds as well as the expected returns.

The RWB Group has a number of definite advantages in the financial asset management market and also offers unique opportunities which are unmatched.

A number of key advantages:

  • Opportunity to create a stable passive income
  • Diversification of your assets
  • Training courses to improve financial literacy
  • Charity. At this stage the process of creating a fund, which the company will use to help those in need, as well as to provide insurance medicine, safety and health of the company's partners in the event of such a need, with all the supporting facts.
  • Diversifying the company's funds and developing multiple sources of income. The company's strategy encompasses a variety of tools and avenues and does not focus solely on cryptocurrency assets.
  • Proven business model by time and personal experience. The company's business model is proven through personal experience and proves its effectiveness during declines, rises in stocks, as well as the most unforeseen financial market situations in the form of crises and pandemics. Nevertheless, nothing lasts forever, so the company's strategic department always has additional plans and actions developed.

To become a partner at the moment, you can only become a partner by invitation. Therefore, we recommend you to contact our partner or contact our technical support team via online chat on the website or in telegram @RWB_Support_team. You will get comprehensive advice and you will be able to invest with RWB.

This profitability is supported by the statistics obtained over the last 3 years, which confirms the possibility of the long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with the company's partners. Also, a number of partners of the company may request access to reports on trade transactions. Additionally, reliability is ensured through diversification of funds and use of at least 5 financial instruments from real sectors of economy.

Profits are accrued on the 16th and the 1first day of each month

Depositor and partner interests are paid based on the withdrawal request, which is submitted from the 1st to the 3rd of each month. Withdrawal is carried out from the 4th to the 10th day of the month.

Deposit amount can be withdrawn to myAlpari 3 months from the moment of investment.

Early withdrawal is possible with a loss of 30% if the deposit is withdrawn earlier than foreseen.

Minimum amount is 100 USDT or equivalent in BTC and ETH.

There is no maximum amount to invest. It all depends on your personal financial resources.

Users of RWB Group fund can make deposits and withdrawals using the following cryptocurrency systems: USDT, ETH, BTC.

To deposit to your personal account, you need to make a corresponding request on the deposit page, where you will be given a purse of the company to which you need to make transfer.

You can make transfer in your chosen currency via exchanger, exchange or your personal wallet. Withdrawal of funds is carried out according to the regulations on the purse, which you specify for the withdrawal in the "settings - details".

The only withdrawal commission is set by the company and fixed at the level of:

  • 5$ (or equivalent in BTC and ETH) for withdrawal up to 500 USDT
  • 1% of the amount if you withdraw over 500 USDT.
  • There is a network fee on deposits.

RWB Group company does not accept any fiat money. If you want to exchange fiat currency to digital assets - ask your partner, who invited you or use specialized exchange offices (exchangers, exchangers). Where you can use a bank transfer to exchange funds from your debit card to cryptocurrency and then open a deposit with RWB - Group. If you have difficulties in opening a deposit - contact the partner who invited you or the support service (telegram @RWB_Support_team).

Contact your invited partner or support service (@RWB_Support_team), they will send you detailed instruction video on how to create personal account, deposit funds and open deposit)

Minimal withdrawal amount is 50 USDT (or its equivalent in BTC and ETH).

In order to withdraw your profit you need to specify your account in "settings", "account details" - your purse address, to which the payment will be made. Then you need to create the withdrawal request in your personal investor cabinet.

Yes, investor can withdraw the body of deposit in 3 months from the moment of deposit creation.

The working period of investment plans is not limited and they are terminated only in case of withdrawal of all funds from PC

Overdrafts are credited in the currency of the opened deposit. In other words, if you opened the deposit in ETH, then the accrual on deposit will be made in ETH.

You may become a partner at this time, only by invitation. Therefore, we recommend you to contact our partner or write to our technical support service (@RWB_Support_team), after which you will receive detailed advice and will be able to invest with RWB.

The affiliate link is located in the upper left corner of every page in the RWB Group.

You do! This increases the safety of the profile, as well as the safety of funds. In addition, it simplifies the withdrawal of funds and data recovery operations (for example: password, login)

No. RWB Group is an investment company and dividends are paid on the balance deposited by each investor - no exceptions.

The management of the company regularly generously rewards its partners, and holds various promotions, shares, contests and bonuses in the form of rewards for completing certain actions. We strongly recommend you to subscribe to all the official social networks of the company, as well as regularly follow the updates on the official website of the company to always be aware of the latest news.

Telegram feed: https://t.me/rwb_group.

No. RWB - Group is an investment company and dividends are accrued on the body of the deposit that each investor makes - no exceptions. Any investor can become a partner but it is impossible to become a partner without first becoming an investor.

When registering with the company, you must be verified - this increases the security of your profile as well as the safety of your funds. We strongly advise you not to use any personal data to register with RWB - Group. In case of detection of such violation - the account will be blocked, and funds will remain on the balance of the company.

For investors who develop the referral program there are nine levels of income from the income of partners, as well as career ladder with excellent gifts for achieving new ranks. You can get more information from your referring partner or by messaging our support team on Telegram @RWB_Support_team .

It all depends on your current rank and level of the affiliate program. Detailed information on charges for the invited partners you can see in the tab "marketing plan".

The referral program works on the "income-to-income" model. Accordingly, the higher your partner's deposit the more dividends your partner will receive, and the higher the dividends, the higher your income from the referral program.

When the user opens the deposit - the system records the volume of the invested money by referring to the current value of the asset in the tether (USDT). After the turnover of the structure is summed up and you can observe both the total turnover of the structure in the tesera and the turnover separately for each of the coins.

Of course there are! Promotional materials of the company are placed in the personal profile of the user and are available for use by every partner! Also, to get promotional materials, you can contact the partner who invited you or contact technical support via online chat or messenger: Telegram @RWB_Support_team .

Then contact technical support via online chat or messenger: Telegram @RWB_Support_team .

Working hours of technical support from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 18:00.